Hidden History Of Hemp

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Hidden History Of Hemp

The history of hemp is one that is truly fascinating and dates back further than you’d think. Today we’re going to take a look at how we got to where we are now.

Marijuana vs. hemp

With so much misinformation throughout the decades, the distinction between hemp and marijuana has been blurred to such a point that many use the two terms interchangeably. Before we can talk about the history of hemp, we must first define the key differences between itself and its cousin marijuana. Most notably, the concentration of THC — the chemical responsible for getting you high — is significantly lower in hemp when in comparison to marijuana. The concentration of THC in marijuana generally ranges from 15-40% while a measly 0.3% will be found in hemp. This means that no psychoactive effects will occur as a result of ingesting hemp or any products derived from it.

The early days of hemp farming

You might think that the societal views on any descendant of the cannabis sativa plant have, historically, been prominently negative. However, that isn’t actually the case. In fact, the United States government used to encourage the farming of hemp during the 17th century due to the fact that it was invaluable in the production of sails, ropes, and even clothing. In fact, the Virginia Assembly passed legislation in 1619 mandating that every farmer in the country grows hemp. This hemp trade continued to flourish even after the Civil War ended.

Stigmatized and illegalized

It wasn’t until 1937 when hemp became illegal. Despite the fact that it was a widely-grown crop at the time, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt outlawed the plant entirely as part of the Marijuana Tax Act — neglecting the fact that hemp and marijuana are different from one another.

Don’t call it a comeback

Hemp remained a casualty of the war on drugs for over 80 years until it was finally re-legalized by President Donald J. Trump. While he is a controversial president, one cannot argue that he has had his moments of brilliance — and this move is definitely one of them.

Moving forward

Now that hemp is legal once more, the stigma will rapidly fade away and you’ll see more farmers make a return to the hemp crop that once carried the United States economy. Of course, this process won’t happen overnight. Nearly a century of prohibition has left some to be prejudiced against this plant. For instance, the FDA is yet to lift its restrictions on hemp. Where will it go? Only time will tell.

Do your part

If you want to see hemp reclaim its glory and resume its position as a staple of economic prosperity, buy some hemp oil on the official Hello CBD shop or share this article with your friends.